Saturday, October 03, 2009

Staying Put

Well, we're still here... Holland is definitely feeling better, and was up and around playing and having a good time without oxygen or an IV all day yesterday. We thought for sure we'd be heading home this morning. Unfortunately, last night didn't go quite like we'd planned. As she was falling asleep her oxygen saturation kept falling to 87-89. She needs to be able to stay above 90 while sleeping in order to go home. We ended up putting the oxygen cannula back on. We tried weaning it down throughout the night, but any time we went less than a half liter she started desatting again.

It's especially discouraging when we get our hopes up.

Eden is in good spirits and feeling better too, though not quite back to normal yet either. I took her to the pediatrician yesterday, and we ended up starting some steroids with her as well. Her lungs are still sounding tight and crackly, but she is still oxygenating well, still eating, and still happy. I think she'll be okay.


Unknown said...

Praying she gets to come home soon! Your girls are so cute, only 7 more weeks till I have a girl of my own!

Barb said...

My fingers are crossed and I'm hoping you will get to go home soon:) Feel better!

Sadia said...

Hang in there. Preemie lungs are ... well, they're preemie lungs. You're an awesome mom.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get out of there soon! Holland looks so cute with the bath towels on and I can't stand how grown-up Eden looks in the pink chair!


Gillian Tay said...

I found your blog when I was pregnant with my twin girls, who were born at 38 weeks. I count my blessings everyday because they were born healthy and strong. You do an amazing job making their lives as 'normal' as can be. You all go thru so much that each day that passes is a reward for what a great job you are doing. I am tearing up right now because my girls were getting on my nerves today, making a mess and racing around while I wanted them to sit still for dinner... and then I read this and it made me realize that not all kids can race around and jump on the couch... I should be thankful that they are so full of life.
Thank you for making me do a reality check.