Sunday, October 04, 2009


Needed to write an update to let you know that we are all home...and very happy to be here.

Very busy, and it may take a while to regroup, but for now, John and I have polished off a bottle of wine, and are off to bed...together.

The girlies are sleeping snug in their beds. I can't say that we are completely out of the woods yet. We will be heading to the pediatrician tomorrow, and the pulmonologist in a week. I don't think they are quite ready to go back to school yet. But, we are home for now.

And happy to be here.


Viscouse said...

Whoohoo! Home at last, home at last. Give the girlies a big hug from us!

Alice said...

Thinking of you. Just as we are almost daring to breath a sigh of relief at the beginning of Spring here in Australia you are facing Autumn - oh why can't it be summer all year long for premmies!

Sadia said...

Alice may be on to something ... a biannual Australia-US/US-Australia migration might be just the thing for preemie lungs!

Glad you're all home.

Kendra Lynn said...

Glad you made it home at last. We will keep you all in our prayers this week.


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

So glad that you are all at home. Hope both of the girls are feeling better really soon.

I have nominated you for an award. Come over to my blog to pick it up. : )

stacy larson said...

so glad you are home.

Barb said...

Yeah! So happy everyone is home! Wishing wellness to your home ASAP:)