Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Top Ten Best Things About Having a Micropreemie

10. Not as much baby weight to lose.

9. You get to take full advantage of your medical benefits.

8. You don't have to worry about cooking. They won't eat it anyway!

7. They are not as heavy, therefore easier to carry around.

6. They can wear their clothes a whole lot longer.

5. Very competent babysitting for the first 3-4 months (maybe more).

4. You don't sweat the small stuff.

3. You don't take life for granted.

2. You have the opportunity to meet so many amazing people, doctors, nurses, therapists, families, friends, and bloggers who go above and beyond to help you, support you, and give you a shoulder to cry on.

1. This...


Unknown said...

I can soooo relate to all of these! Except maybe the baby weight one ... somehow managed to gain 30+ pounds and it took me 2 years to lose them. Oh, we still get the "very competent babysitting" too, ... after 2 years. Those nurses are definitely family.

Thanks for posting this list!

... Andrea (Mason and Avery's mommy)

Mel said...

Great list Billie!

It's all so true.
I love number 8. LOL.
... and 4, 3, 2
Oh, I love them all:)

Judith and Jason said...

The insurance one sure hits the mark. I love it that I am on a first name basis with our Cigna lady who calls once a month to check in on Nina.
Great list!
Judith-mom to Nina 24 weeker

Sarah Furlough said...

What a great list! I can also agree with the insurance one! Never thought we'd need insurance as much as we did, but I sure am glad we had such great coverage.

Love the photo- they are so cute!

Sarah said...

use your insurance AND THEN SOME!

Love it. :^D

MMMom said...

Mine wasnt a micro preemie, but can relate to so many of them! (Esp 8, 7,6 & the insurance).

Great list Billie!

Brooklyn said...

Your girls are SO CUTE, I check your blog all the time for new pictures. This list is GREAT!!!

Anonymous said...

Great List!

I loved that we were able to use our infant car seat for a year and a half (not kidding). Most of my friends were out of theirs at 6 months.

We also feel like we got the maximum use out of everything we bought.

Our son was in 0-3 months for 8 months...

Ivanna said...

I definitely agree with the "take nothing for granted" point.

The girls look great, as always.

Kathryn said...

I LOVE this list!!! It made me laugh like only a mother who has been there, done that, still living it can. If you can't laugh and appreciate your kids no matter what, well that is pretty sad. Great list.