Monday, September 17, 2007

He can run the pants off a kangaroo!

There's a song that The Wiggles perform that I love, and sing regularly to my girls. The song is called Old Man Emu, and the message is simple and profound. We all have our strengths and we all have our weaknesses. There is something awesome and unique about everyone, and it is important to recognize and appreciate differences.

My favorite part goes like this...

"Well there is a moral to this ditty
Thrush can sing but he ain't pretty
Duck can swim, but he can't sing, nor can the eagle on the wing
Emu can't fly, but I'm telling you, he can run the pants off a kangaroo."

Watching this video clip reminds me of that song.

I am working on a big post about our appointment, and should have it up before I go to bed, but I hope you will enjoy this in the meantime:)


Bird's Eye View Photography said...

Wow~ Gave me chills! I am going to have to buy his CD! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Billie!
That was such an inspirational story; it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing it and I look forward to reading the post about the latest doctor's appt.!!

Ani said...

The music of opportunity and the sound of potential - this gave me chills. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I am not a "weepy" type, and I am rolling in tears! What a testimony of this young man's spirit and the love of his parents to help him succeed. Keep up the good work you are doing in your own household!
Lori in VA

Anonymous said...

What an inspiring uplifting piece; my favorite part was "The music of opportunity and the sound of potential." I can't wait until 15 years from now we get to post new clippings about the wonder twins!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Billie.
That was such an awesome story!

Sarah Furlough said...

Billie: I think this is such a testament to the abilities in all of us, even those whose bodies aren't as "able." Thanks for sharing this story, it really made me stop and think. It was a very touching story.

Anonymous said...

John and Billie:
I stumbled across your blog yesterday and I just felt a strong urge to read ALL of your stories since the twins' births. They are incredible and you are incredible parents. I have a son with Ataxic CP that was just diagnosed and he's 18 months. Your story has given me hope that my child can mean something and have abilities and I need to focus more on who he is and not what he can't do, etc. Thank you for sharing the video about that young man. I will get his CD also. Keep doing what you are doing. Your girls are gorgeous and beautiful! True miracles!
Thank you for making this public so people like myself can feel there is hope in a time where things feel hopeless!
Shari F.
Florence, Oregon

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! The tears won't stop coming! It makes you thing about how disabled us physically-abled people really are. Amazing! Can't wait to hear about your girls

Twinmommy2boys said...

Thank you! Today I was frustrated at my kids, they kept whining and hanging on me while I tried to get things done. Needless to say that video was very inspiring and made me realize how lucky we are to have children. The devotion that the father has is just so touching.

Shana said...

AMAZING!!! Tears are running down my face. Thank you for sharing!

BusyLizzyMom said...

Once again you have inspired me again, what a wonderful clip to watch. He is such a talented man. Watching his father gave me goosebumps, what an amzing dedicated man.
Elizabeth loves the wiggles too, I haven't heard that song yet. Check out our blog for her rendition of the wiggles. It's a hoot.

Heather said...

Wow!! That video clip was AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing!!