Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Little Witches

Ahhhh...what a long weekend I had. I got home late this afternoon from a three day/two night conference across the state. It was really inconvenient for us moms to be rushing home on Halloween! But, we got it together and the girls had a fun evening. They were seriously cute in their little witch costumes. Both girls were a little out of it (and crabby) cause they are just getting over being sick (and being away from mom for 3 days). The trick-or-treating was a fabulous distraction. Except that all good things must end, and Holland just doesn't understand WHY. She cried when we came home and said "no, all done" and "more, more" while pointing to the door.

Speaking of which, it is kind of frustrating that she throws a fit whenever anything is over. I LOVE to do new and fun things with the girls, but H is at an age when she HATES to stop doing anything fun, and she throws a big ole tantrum. It's tricky trying to decide when to go ahead with a fun venture, and to be constantly clever with transitions and distractions at the end of an activity.

Anyway, these pics don't completely capture the utter cuteness of the girls in their THIRD Halloween costume (can you believe it?). I think I will dress them again tomorrow and give it another try. It's especially hard cause I don't have a good camera. I was trying to take pictures tonight with a broken camera and a 32MB memory stick! I really need a new one. Anybody got a money tree I could shake?


Anonymous said...

Twins are so adorable dressed in identical costumes. I'm so glad you're an educator and you know the system so you advocate for your girls on their behalf. I think in a supportive environment, being exposed to as little discrimination as possible, the sky's the limit for those little girls. Even if Eden does not learn to walk, sit up etc., may she still fly in her dreams and reach for the stars. They may be world leaders someday like some people with similar disabilities have or they may simply make a difference in the lives of those who love them.

Sarah said...

OK, first a stupid question. Are Holland and Eden identical? Because to me they've always looked SIMILAR, but they look JUST THE SAME in the top pics.

There was a second thing... Oh, that's what it was. Can you tempt Holland away from one fun thing with the promise of another fun thing? That's what we've been doing with Shoshanna lately, with a lot of success. "Shoshanna, I know you want to keep playing with your Legos, but it's time to go to daycare and play with your friends!"

Billie said...

Nope, they are not identical, and of course WE think they look nothing alike, but a lot of people ask.

Yes, promising Holland another fun activity does work much of the time. The one problem is that Holland has a great memory, and will think of something that she was doing earlier and start crying again asking for it. THIS morning she saw her pumpkin basket in the living room and said "tricker." I just acknowledged that I understood what she said, and said "yes, we had a lot of fun trick-or-treating, didn't we?" Then a big fit commenced with big tears and "more, more" OVER AND OVER! In these cases I either ignore her, or distract her with something else to do. But you never know, she might be fine and distracted for a few minutes, then remember again why she was crying and start again!

I definitely appreciate the humor in it, but after the umpteenth time it can be frustrating!

Anonymous said...

I do believe those are the two most adorable witchies ever!! Luv the eyeshadow. As Holland will eventually learn all good things must come to an end, till then I guess you'll just have to be the fun police. I'm glad you had such a great Halloween #3 (I can't believe it myself!). Luv ya all, Liz

Anonymous said...


I love the costumes! Where did you buy them? Don't tell me your mom made them or I will flip out!!!


Billie said...

I bought them after Halloween last year for $4 each at Old Navy!!! God I love a good bargain...

Anonymous said...

so cute, those two! i'm glad the trickering was fun. i'll be home a few days for thanksgiving. let's get together.

Kendra Lynn said...

Wow..cute costumes!
Hope the girls are feeling better...take care.


Anonymous said...

The girls look so cute. If they came to my house, I'd have to give them lots of candy b/c they are the cutest witched I've seen!