Thursday, June 22, 2006

Terrible Twos?



"No no", "more more", and "up up up up up up"...have become really popular words by a certain somebody in our house lately. She's become quite a pill and I have no idea what to do about it! What happened to my sweet, cuddly, mommy's girl? Now she whines, cries, and throws a huge fit any time she is not getting exactly what she wants! Sigh.

At least I have another one who's always willing to give me a great smile!


Anonymous said...

I'm not a mom, but it seems everything comes in cycle's. One won't eat that that one will and the other one won't. Atleast so far they have seemed to each take their turn with testing you!! Pretty soon I'm sure Holland will be all smiles and Eden will be mad!! Luv Liz P.S. Have an awesome time in Cali, We'll try to make sure Zippo has a good time!

Anonymous said...

Well, I know what you mean one day all of a sudden there personality changes. Miss Marley turned "1" and now she don't like us putting in her hearing aids. She cries and moves her head all around. And when we take her bottle away to burp her she grunts to get it back. That's a good sign though. We want them to tell us their wants or dislikes I feel that means their little brains are working. Marley and Eden are alike with their holding their breathe and fake coughing which Marley does those are good things even though it isn't fun at the time. Miss Eden and Marley have matching PJ's how cute! Sorry, it didn't work for us to have a play date maybe when you get back from your big trip. Have a great time and remember you can always buy what you forget and you can always do laundry. If your anything like me you will pack the whole house. You can save some room and buy diapers and wipes when you get there. Have fun and we love you. PS. hope the girls are enjoying there shovels.

Mete said...

Ah, yes. Sounds a lot like what we're going through these days. It's hard being a toddler! (At least, that's what I keep telling myself through the tantrums...)

Kendra Lynn said...

Hey there.
Oh man...I think you've hit the nail on the head, girl. The terrible two's are just around the corner.
I pray for ya, I really do.
Hopefully Eden won't be as ornery as her sister.
Kelsey hasn't been as bad as Merry, so...there's something to be thankful for.
They will not be the same. LOL
Which is unfortunate because you will have it figured out, and then Eden will change up on you.
Love ya.

Tertia said...

Ah yes. Can relate. The same person who took my sweet little Kate probably took your sweet little Holland. And no (NO!), uppy and more are also our fave words.

Amy said...

Those pictures are precious--especially to those who aren't having to hear her tantrum :)

With my luck, Baylee will learn to talk early just so she'll have the words to go with her crying tantrums.

Billie said...

Notice the tears in the first pic when it was Holland's turn? The funny thing is that this went on for 15-20 minutes. Every time it was Holland's turn she was all smiles, then she cried through Eden's turn. Enough time for me to go get the camera!

So often people will say "oh, poor baby, tears and everything." Trust me, the tears don't mean a thing. She can turn them on like a faucet:)

Anonymous said...

The terrible twos. You are about to get some gray hair and John might start losing some! LOL I had a full head of hair before ours went through them and now I am bald!!

Seriously, it gets better. It is tough when they are going through it though. Great pictures though, they are so utterly adorable!

Steven Bee

Billie said...

Oh, another funny story... Now she's telling ME "no, no" when I tell her "no, no"! I say "no, no Holland, don't eat the dog food", and she yells at me "no, no", shakes her head violently and starts sobbing. Someone please remind me that this is normal two-year-old stuff!

M said...

Haha... yes, totally normal. And sorry to tell you, but it's only a matter of time before Eden's there too!

Kacy Jean said...

If you figure out some trick to stop that please let me know; I have an almost four year old who whines, cried and throws a fit when she doesn't get what she wants, or when we dont' know what she wanted before she let us know..etc..etc.. The girls are beautiful tears or not!

Anonymous said...

Humor....Humor....laughter...patience and more of each!!!!
Unfortunately it's the only way to weather the storm!

Love ya all!!
Mamma Jules

Anonymous said...

Sure would be easier to take if she'd just tell me what she wants "more, more" of. I'd give it to her. Anything she wants. I love being the aunt that spoils the kids rotten:)

Anonymous said...

Well hey look at that....seems like even with all she went through in her early days, little Holly turned out to be a beautifully NORMAL little 2 year old.
Ain't motherhood grand?

Anonymous said...

even though i'm sure it aint fun, she still sure is cute... :)
and heavy! go 20 lbs!

love you,

Anonymous said...

Try crying (pretend, of course) along with whichever one is upset because things aren't going her way. Sometimes it actually helps and it will help you because a sense of humor will keep you "sane". The best part is this is normal and we've all been there. You just have to be consistent and eventually it will all be okay. Like when they're grown! God bless you. Connie W.