Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Calling All Walkers

Have you checked out how much we have raised so far for WalkAmerica?


We are cruising along, not far off from our new goal of $2,000. The walk is coming up soon now. For all of you who plan on walking with our team (or the St. Joe's team)...we are meeting at my house on Monday the 17th, at 2:00, to make t-shirts and signs to carry with us on the walk. If you are interested, bring a white t-shirt and come on over. We are planning to put pics of the girls on our shirts. I have photo transfer paper and some supplies (fabric markers and patches), but if you have any clever ideas of your own, feel free to be creative and bring your own supplies. I will have stuff for sandwiches. My mom is bringing chips and dip. Email me or call if you think you'd like to stop by, so I know how many to plan for.

If you can't make it, but would like us to make you a shirt, drop off a white tee to my house. We'll decorate it and bring it to the walk.

Oh, and by the way, if you are in any way offended by a messy house, call me, and we'll do it at your place instead! Cause I doubt I'll be cleaning...much...

One more thing, as usual, please don't come if you are sick, or have kids who are sick. No stuffy noses, coughs, vomiting, etc...even if you are sure it's just allergies. We can't handle ANY MORE sickness! But we still love you!


kristin said...

Billie you are so organized!! T-shirts and everything...I am glad to hear your perfect house is messy!!

Kendra Lynn said...

I'm glad you are raising money and ready to walk! Congrats.
The girls are cute as ever...look how long their hair is getting! Beautiful!

Sarah said...

Your comment about the messy house was hilarious... I'll have to remember that one! Good luck with your walk.

Anonymous said...

See ya Monday. Can't wait to walk!! Liz

hallegracesmama said...

Love the new pictures! Eden's got some great hair!

I had to laugh when I read your comment on Halle's blog. Would you believe I was thinking of you at 4am this morning? We ended up putting Halle in bed with us because she just wouldn't let us put her down. All I could think of was how Holland really got comfy in your bed when she was sick and didn't want to go back to her crib. :o) Hopefully Halle will transition back easily!!