Saturday, August 20, 2005

Kisses, Reaching, Bye-Bye, and Teeth

I know it's been a while since my last post (9 days! A travesty!), so I'll try to make it worth the wait and let you all know what has been happening around here lately. Let's see... Eden has started giving kisses, definitely a highlight!

Eden's hives, which began near the end of April, began to get much worse around the end of July. She had them pretty much every day for about 2 weeks, and they covered her from head to toe, so I decided to make an appointment with an allergist. I took her in on August 12th and the doctor prescribed Zyrtec. He gave me a schedule to follow on how to increase the dosage if she didn't respond, as well as a second more powerful antihistimine to add if the zyrtec alone didn't work. Luckily, after one night of 1/2 tsp of Zyrtec (the smallest dose), she woke up hive free and hasn't had any more since. Unfortunately, we still don't know what she is allergic to.

Holland is really becoming a big girl over the past couple of weeks. She cut her 2 bottom teeth! We noticed the first one on Monday the 15th, and the second Tuesday. The weekend before she had a high fever and really wasn't herself, very crabby and kind of out of it. On Sat night it got up to 103, and Sun morning it was 102. At first we thought it was because of the one-year immunizations that she had the previous week, but it wasn't. I called the doctor's office and talked to the nurse on call, who said she should see a pediatrician that day because a fever with no other symptoms can be a sign of a bladder infection. That can be serious and requires treatment. We ended up taking her to St. Joe's Pediatric Emergency (I highly recommend it, they did an excellent job and the doctor was very friendly/helpful/informative). Holland's urine was clear of infection, and she was diagnosed with a viral infection. Apparantly there is/was one going around with the only symptom being a fever that lasts for 3-4 days then goes away. Holland was pretty much fine by the next day. So, a viral infection and teething at the same time...Yuck! She was quite a trooper, as always!

In the past week, Holland and Eden have both started reaching for us when we hold out our arms for them. We're also practicing waving Bye-Bye and Holland is really getting the hang of it. I love all of the cute little things they are starting to do. Reaching for us, giving kisses, and waving sweet!


Anonymous said...

The recent pics are so cute. I must confess that I heard about Holland's teeth a few days ago from her proud Papa.
Love you all

Kendra Lynn said...

Wow, Billie! Such a lot is happening! That's wonderful. :)
They look so sweet...I'm happy for you. I remember how wonderful it was when my girls started doing new things. Scott and I still get all mushy when Meredith says, "I love you!". Its the most wonderful feeling in the world to know that your children are responding to your love with love of their own.
Beautiful, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Mamma Jules here!
Isn't it funny we were discussing teeth!! She must have heard us! They have come so far....there is NO stopping them now!! Sweet pictures as always! HI JOHN!
Love to you all!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear that miss eden is livin' hive free! yey! i had such a great time with the girls while i was home -- spending time with them was one of the highlights of my trip. kiss them both for me!
love, lisa