Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday was bath day for Holland and Eden. We got them dressed in their Halloween best, complete with pumpkin hats (courtesy of St. Joe's hospital). They seem to love bath time and always stay so relaxed and alert.

Happy Halloween to everyone, from the cutest little pumpkins in town!
Holland and Eden


Anonymous said...

I haven't looked at the site in a few days and I was so thrilled to see two new postings. I know you're excited about the progress of Holland and Eden. I get excited just reading about it. Thank you so much for taking the time to keep all of us who love and care about you informed. God bless all of you. Connie Wilhoite

Anonymous said...

What a treat!!! Such cute little chubs:) Matt says he wants to see them "in real life" and he can't wait 'till they come home!

Anonymous said...

They were definitely the treat this Halloween! They are getting so big, I bet they'll be home in no time. Too cute! Four pound club is the coolest! I'm sure Holland will be joining soon enough!

Love, Kris

Anonymous said...

Dear Billie & John, What beautiful little pumpkins! Looks like you may just have them home for Thanksgiving.
I'm sure you both have much to be Thankful for. What tiny yet large blessings to have and love. Love to all Candy