Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Getting Bigger!

Our little girls are growing and getting stronger every day. Eden is now on her oxygen cannula 10 hours every 12. Won't be long before she doesn't need the CPAP at all. And she is up to 2 pounds 11 ounces! This morning Holland came off the ventilator again and is back on the CPAP. A big step...the next step for her will be giving the cannula another try. It may not take her very long now that she is so much bigger and has kicked the pneumonia. She's up to 2 pounds 8 ounces!

It was fun to see many of you this past weekend for our first shower. Thanks for all the wonderful gifts!


Anonymous said...

Billie and John:
What exciting news about the girls! God is really taking good care of them...I'm so very happy for you!
Hope to see you again soon.
Much love and many prayers.

Anonymous said...

Even bigger than Saturday!! They'll be out of their micro-premie outfits before they get to wear them!!!

Roula said...

Billie & John,
I'm so happy to hear the girls are doing better and getting bigger! It seems like the Holland and Eden are always surprising us with their strength. May it continue to be the true.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Billie & John,
Hooray for the girls! It seems that they are making progress faster and faster now. They'll be home in the crib before you know it!
Always in my thoughts,

Anonymous said...

Awesome news. It seems not that long ago that we were hoping for them to just hit 2 lbs and now there almost to 3!! Glad to hear the great update. Look forward to seeing you at the next shower. Janie

Anonymous said...

What great news! I'm very happy that Holland is feeling better and catching up to sister with her growth rate. Those girls are so tough must be good stock! Love you guys, J,L,C,C,&C

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! We're very glad to hear that the girls are doing so well. You all remain in our thoughts and close to our hearts.

Brian, Shannon & Kathryn Smith