Sunday, September 26, 2004

Another Try

On Friday night both girls came off the CPAP and tried the cannula for an hour while we held them. That was a LOT of fun because we got to see their cute little faces and kiss their heads while we held them. They both did pretty well, but Holland had a more difficult time. Eden was a little champ! On Saturday morning they both had blood gasses drawn, and Holland's CO2 was elevated so they reintubated her (put her back on the ventilator). Her doctor did a thorough examination of her nose and said that one side is pretty inflamed and it looks like she may not be getting much air through. That's most likely the reason for the elevated CO2. We don't think she will need to be on the ventilator for long, probably not even a week. She'll stay on it just long enough for her nose to heal and get her breathing a bit easier. Holland is gaining weight better now and is up to 2 pounds 1 ounce.

Eden is attempting the cannula for an hour every twelve. So far she has done really well and seems to like it. In fact, she gets really mad at her nurse when they put her back on the CPAP! Gradually they will increase the time that she spends on cannula as long as she tolerates it well. Eden weighed in on Friday night at a whopping 2 pounds 5 ounces.

Their nurse took these pictures while the girls were on cannula. We were amazed at how much alike they look now! Eden seemed so much darker at birth, but now it looks like she has a lighter complexion. I'm sure they will continue to change as they grow...

Thanks so much for the offers of help. We really are doing okay and there's nothing specific I can think of that we need. Just keep us in your thoughts and hopefully we'll see you at the shower!
We love you all.


Anonymous said...

Billie and John,

Wow how a few days of not checking your website can make a difference. We have finally arrived back from Switzerland and got a chance to check up on you guys and your beautiful babies, we are so happy to hear that things are progressing for the better. You are always in our prayers. Stay encouraged and know you have lots of people supporting you in love and prayer.

Charles and Stacey

Anonymous said...

Billie and John:
Oh I am so happy to see how well the girls are doing! And Holland is gaining weight....wonderful! :) Sis. Deanna showed me new pics at church today, and you are right! They look alot alike...both beautiful, perfect little girls.
Lots of love to you. See you at the shower!

Anonymous said...

To Holland and Eden

Little tiny miracle-girls
growing day by day
little tiny miracle-girls
so sweet in every way
little tiny miracle-girls
born to so much love
little tiny miracle-girls
a gift from high above

Your Great-Uncle Rick

Anonymous said...

Hey family,
Love the new pictures! They are beautiful! What good news re: the weight gain. Excited to see you guys this Saturday. All our prayers will continue for your family. Tons of love, J,L,C,C,& C

Anonymous said...

Billie and John,
Shannon told me about your girls. Congratulations! It sounds like they are making wonderful progress. They are beautiful! I will be keeping you in my prayers and thinking of the four of you.

Julie Williams (Balge)

Anonymous said...

what good news! the girlies look beautiful! i just bought them some cute outfits at the venice street fair - by the sounds/looks of things they will be fitting into them soon. you are always in my thoughts. i love and miss you.


Anonymous said...

Great news guys!! Its soo cool to see their entire faces! They DO look alike. They're beautiful. You are blessed. Take care and keep us posted.

--Sara, Ryan, Dominic, and Jace

Tom said...

Billie and John,
One of you two had stopped by my blog today which led me back to your site. I have spent the last 45 minutes reading about the progress of your girls (and both of you). Now I feel like these are my kids too!! I am rooting for all of you.

We are days (maybe even hours) from having our third. Kids are a truly a blessing.

It can be relayed to John that having kids didn't change my jammin' at all - now I have little roadies to help me pack my gear and tell me how great I am!!

Best wishes to you all, I'll be checking back on the kids :)

Tom Devine
American in Switzerland

Anonymous said...

Hi! This is Tina. I work with "Great Uncle Rick" in Phoenix. I had saved this webpage when he told me about the Preemies, and just wanted to check on them. I see that the last update was 9/26/04. Rick mentioned that Laura (your sister) said that they are now home. Can you please update this page for those that are concerned and far away? The girls look great, but I want to see updated pix. Thanx!