Tuesday, April 19, 2005


We had a great, busy, fun weekend with lots of company. On Saturday evening our friends Janie and Harry came over with their twin girls Brooke and Madison. It was really fun to get the girls together for the first time. Janie had twin girls after her sister had a set of boy-girl twins, just like I had twin girls after my sister had boy-girl twins. The funniest part is when Janie's babies were little I would go over to visit and help out, I used to sympathize and discuss how I was sure it would be much easier for me because there was no way I would have twins... Look at us now. Who would have thought???

On Sunday John's sister and bro-in-law visited with our nephews Cody and Connor. They had a long winter with lots of sickness, so weren't able to see the babies. I think they were impressed by our little mini-me's. On Sunday evening we went to our first family outing at my sister's house. It was great being able to pass the babies off and kick back for a while. My niece Claire LOVES the babies and wants to have one on her lap at all times. She is so funny, as soon as she sees the a baby she holds up her hands and says "hands" (meaning that she wants to wash her hands). Then she comes running back and plops down and pats her legs and says "wap" while pointing to a baby. So adorable:)

Yesterday I got adventurous and took the girls to my mom's house by myself! Their first trip to Nana's and my first time taking them out alone. Great fun. So, we're having some nice days. Nights are another story. Is it possible for a person to DIE of sleep deprivation???


Anonymous said...

The girls are just adorable! I am glad you have been able to go out and about and enjoy the great weather. It is nice to see pictures of the girls being social!!

Anonymous said...

It is great to see that the girls are becoming social butterflies. Interacting with others is good for the soul and will give all of you a spirit boost! Getting out in the fresh air and sunshine will help ALL OF YOU sleep a bit more.

Anonymous said...

YOU can't die from sleep deprivation (if you can it apparently takes more than 2.5 years). Homicide however can be a direct result!!!

Anonymous said...

I am soooo happy you guys all had such a fun weekend. I've never known anyone to die of sleep deprivation, but I'm sure you may feel like it could happen. Try to get some rest and enjoy all this great weather to have some more fun outings. Love you all Liz

Anonymous said...

woo-hoo! you seem to be really getting into a groove over there - going out, socializing! how fun. think you can swing by my place next weekend? he he. miss you.

Kendra Lynn said...

Oh I am so glad you are getting out!And having company too! :)
My mom and I still wanna visit...may take a couple of weeks considering that mom fell down her patio steps today fracturing her left foot and spraining her right ankle.
But we still wanna come see you all.
Kiss those sweet babies for me!
And oh my goodness, Janie, your girls are getting so big!